Water goes
wild with

The fruit and veggie powder that mixes with water

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Add 1 packet to 8 oz of water anytime!

Gulps made of 100% good stuff. Gulps made of 100% good stuff.

Gulps made of 100% good stuff.

No Artificial Anything


No high-fructose syrups, no Red
Dye 40s, just no weird stuff at all.

No Single- Use Plastic

No Single-
Use Plastic

No throwaway plastic, all
recyclable materials.

Plant- Powered Hydration


Vitamins, antioxidants, and
electrolytes, all powered by fruits
and veggies.

No sugar added

No sugar

Sweetened with dried monkfruit
powder for just as much flavor.

how to roxberry

The liquid epicness starts when you mix! Kids and parents can add Roxberry to their water, and watch the color go crazy.

One More Yes

Kids can be kids and parents can cheer them on.

No one likes to say no, but that’s part of the job, isn’t it? Saying no to all of the artificial, yet–let’s face it–totally fun foods your kids love.

With Roxberry, you can say YES! We use entirely natural ingredients to make the fun stuff: delicious, nutrient-rich drinks and snacks that kids love and parents can encourage.